Three reasons to remodel your kitchen during the pandemic

Stay-at-home and work-from-home orders have forced everyone to drastically rearrange their lives to meet new needs and reduce stress. Some people have opted to relocate entirely to new houses and apartments that are larger or offer more layout options. Others have chosen to remodel existing spaces instead. Although many interior designers are talking about remodels that help create more office and entertainment space, it’s important to remember that kitchens are just as important as these areas.

Why should you remodel your kitchen during the pandemic? Consider the following:


A lot of people who worked away from their homes before the pandemic barely ever used their kitchens except to reheat takeout and cook on weekends or when having parties or other events. As a result, they might have been content with small kitchens and limited countertop workspace.


Plenty of kitchens lack enough storage space to allow homeowners and renters to thoughtfully stock up on items that they might need over the next few months to reduce grocery trips and exposures to other people during a combined SARS-CoV-2 and flu season. Extra storage can also make accessing regularly used cookware and utensils, spices, and other items easier.


An entire family and possibly extended family at home at the same time can make a kitchen feel smaller and crowded because of two or more people accidentally blocking each other’s path as they try to prepare food, cook, or locate snacks. Bad kitchen traffic can even cause serious accidents and injuries.

With a remodel, you can add workspace, storage and improve the flow of traffic with custom cabinets, such as with island and peninsula cabinetry. As you free up space with a custom redesign of your kitchen, you might be able to install a larger refrigerator, freezer, or food pantry for ingredient storage. You might even be able to add more get-together spaces, such as a window booth, breakfast bar, or wall-mounted fold-down table.

Visit a kitchen showroom, and their team will help you find new kitchen cabinets and related products. Most kitchen stores provide a wide range of design services, including personalized design, three-dimensional project rendering, and custom countertop fabrication. They can help you create a kitchen that will make it easier for everyone in your home to cohabitate without feeling like the kitchen is lacking or you’re in each other’s way.