Refrigerator Buying Guide

There was a time when the refrigerator was meant only for rich people. Now it has become a necessity to each and everyone because of its utmost importance.

Today’s refrigerators are loaded with cool technologies to extend life and retain freshness in food.

The refrigerator imparts a healthier living by maintaining a nutrient level in the food. The average life of a fridge is around 12 years and after that, you start observing some parts getting failed and more maintenance costs.

The decision for selecting the right refrigerator depends on various factors like capacity, storage, technologies, consumption of energy and finally the budget.

In the market, a variety of refrigerators have been introduced and it has become difficult for a normal person to decide what kind of fridge one should go for.

In this article, you will get the required buying guide that fits your lifestyle, taste, and budget. So read till the end to get detailed information on selecting the latest refrigerator.

Refrigerator Buying Guide.


Do you host parties or guests visit your home often? If yes then you must buy quite a big refrigerator to store required stuff.

Look at the family size and choose a refrigerator depending on your usage and eating habits.

Bachelor50 – 200 litre
2-4 members family200 – 350 litre
4-5 members family300 – 450 litre
More than 6 members familyAbove 450 litre


A fridge should always be reachable to both kitchen and dining area so that all the vegetables, foods are accessible while cooking and serving.

To save space you can consider the area abovethe refrigerator to install the separate cabinet. In this, you can store utensils that take up huge space and are rarely used.

If you want to install a refrigerator between storage space, try buying an appliance that matches or align with the colour of cabinets.

Types Of Refrigerator


Single Door Refrigerator

Single door refrigerator has both freezer and fridge in one section. They are the most energy-efficient compared to the double door refrigerator.

They come with a capacity of 150-300 litres and work on the direct cool technology.

Double Door Refrigerator

In double door refrigerator, you get two models i.e top mounted and bottom mounted refrigerators.

The top-mounted refrigerator hasa fridge section below and freezer at the top. They provide less space compared to the other model.

Bottom mounted refrigerator has pulled out freezers in the form of drawers and thus convenience for people who bend frequently to take vegetables.

Both the models are suitable for a family of 4-5 members and come with the capacity ranging from 250- 450 litres.

Side By Side Refrigerator

They are usually wider and have two different sections. They have ample space for both vegetables and frozen foods and come with frost-free technology to provide uniform cooling to the entire fridge.

Mini Fridges

Mini fridges are mostly used by the bachelors to store smaller foods and beverages. Even when you go on a vacation, you can carry this to store soft drinks and foods.

Technology and features

Direct Cool vs Frost Free

Circulation of cool air takes place naturally in the direct cool refrigerator without any natural aid. You can notice a collection of frost in and around the freezer box.

Frost-free refrigerator circulates cool air uniformly inside the refrigerator by electric fans. There is no frost accumulation around the freezer box.

Power ConsumptionLessMore
Defrosting MethodManualAutomatic
FreshnessStays longLonger than direct cool
Available InSingle DoorDouble, Triple, Side Door

Inverter Compressor

Based on the internal temperature inside the fridge, the regular compressor starts switching “on” and “off”. But inverter compressor adjusts to the varying temperature inside the fridge.

To understand a bit more let’s take an example, during summer months as more cooling is required compressor starts working at peak capacity.

It is not the same in the winter season as less cooling is required to retain the freshness of the food items. So inverter compressor slows down their peak working and adjusts to the internal temperature.

Energy Efficiency And Star Rating

The energy star rating will be an indication of efficiency in energy consumed by the appliance. Even if the price is high, don’t step back as it can be more beneficial in the long run.

Buying a fridge with inverter compressor can be more energy-efficient and provides the best performance.

Consider opting fridge with water dispenser as they can avoid door opening and helps the system to maintain the consistent temperature.

Look for a fridge with an energy saver mode to turn off heater present around the wall and stops extra consumption of energy when not required.

Solar Technology And Smart Diagnosis

Solar smart technology has specially designed compressor that runs on solar panel when there is a power outage.

Another important feature i.e smart connect technology connects the refrigerator automatically to the home inverter and provides continuous operation.

Sometimes your refrigerator may have technical issues to be solved and contacting service guy will be a big challenge.

But in some fridges, you have this feature called smart diagnosis which easily connects to the service guy just by scanning through a mobile app.

Toughened Glass Shelves And Dispensers


Toughened glass shelves can hold weight up to 120-150 kg without getting damaged. They have high strength and do not break even if they are made to drop straight to the ground.

Water and ice dispensers are mainly found on the freezer section door of side by side refrigerator. They provide easy access to collect water and ice cubes straight from the door.

They save energy consumption by not allowing the frequent opening of the door for water and ice cubes. But these features are a bit expensive and are not affordable for everyone.


Don’t overthink before buying because it can lead to the wrong decision, so always decide based on your lifestyle and family eating habits.

Consider all the points mentioned above and make a wise decision. If you have any doubts, can comment below so that I can answer and clarify your doubts.