HVAC is an investment and like with any investment, you should take care of it with regular checkups and maintenance.

1. Benefits of Regular HVAC Checkups

Regular checkups will save you money and keep you and your family comfortable throughout the year, among many other things.

Longer lifespan

Regular servicing can extend the average lifespan of a furnace and air conditioner which is generally 10 to 20 years up to 30 years. However, poor maintenance may result in having to replace it much sooner.

Lower utility bills

A properly maintained unit performs more efficiently which can also help to save on your Duke Energy utility bill. Dirty or clogged filters can make the unit work harder to get the job done and therefore consume more electricity which translates to a higher bill.

Peace of mind

As long as you care for your HVAC adequately, you shouldn’t be scared of it breaking down suddenly.

Less repairs

A general rule is that a well-maintained device will need less repairs over its lifetime as maintenance will allow you to spot potential issues and resolve them before a problem incurs.

More indoor comfort

A device that is working optimally performs better. In the case of your HVAC system, it will do a better job in keeping your home comfortable.

Better air quality

A well-functioning HVAC does a better job in circulating air. With regular service checks, you won’t have to worry about poor air quality due to irritants like dust and allergens.

2. How Your HVAC System Affects Your Montly Bills

Most of us can’t live without heating and cooling in our home, so we’ve accepted that utility bills are an unavoidable part of life. After all, heating and cooling accounts for almost half of it. You should also note that even if you turn on your HVAC less frequently than the average person and use ceiling fans to ease its workload, heating or cooling a larger space will cost more.

But, proper maintenance of your HVAC system can prevent your bills from skyrocketing.

3. HVAC Maintenance Tips

There are simple things you can do to take care of your air conditioning and heating equipment and keep it running as it should.

Clean and replace filters

Aim to change filters every 30 to 90 days. If is allergy season or you have pets in your home, you may consider replacing your filters more often. The more people who live in your household and the more pets you have, the more often your filters will need to be changed.

Clean vents

Vacuuming the vents helps to prevent dust and dirt from building up and obstructing airflow.

Clean the outside unit

It’s easy to forget about the outside unit of your HVAC system, but it is just as important as the indoor unit. Keep it clean and make sure it is free of any leaves, twigs or debris, and be sure to cut back plants and shrubs by at least three feet. Bushes or trees that give off excessive pollen, such as Cottonwood trees are notorious for clogging up condensing units.

Pay attention

The most important thing is to pay attention. Every device has its own sound and your HVAC is no exception. If you hear any rattling, thumping, grinding, or buzzing, something is not right.

Takeaway – Skipping regular maintenance is costly over the long-run, not to mention risky. Just like your car needs regularly scheduled service to keep it running efficiently, your HVAC system demands the same kind of attention, if not even more considering it has to work much harder than your car.