Blowflies Can Contaminate the Home after an Unattended Death

Blowflies can be annoying especially when they buzz around the home. Irrespective of the annoying nature, these small insects have proven useful and helpful in the decomposition of dead bodies, including animals and human beings. However, this can take a twist for the worse when the body involved has been left unattended for many days. The decomposed body attracts all kinds of insects including flies. Since blowflies are always around the home, you never know what they perched on. Upon discovering the body, the next step is to clean. If the person saddled with the cleaning responsibility does not have the right protective gear, he might get contaminated if peradventure the flies perch on him. For this reason, while the death of a loved one can be traumatizing, the tragedy can transcend every further if proper cleaning procedure is not practiced. These flies spread and contaminate any area or surface they touch. To enjoy a clean space, the cleaning project should be handled by professional unattended death cleanup

How Do Flies Contaminate the Home?

After discovering the lifeless body of a loved one who passed away several days or weeks back, most of the visible biohazards will not be far away from the decomposition site. It doesn’t matter where the death occurred, be it on the bed or floor, the material on which the body lies is already infected. However, shortly after death, decomposition sets in, attracting insects including blowflies who find the body as a perfect place where they can lay their eggs. This is because the eggs will survive as they feed on the decomposing liquids emanating from the body. 

Once they are done laying their eggs, the flies find their way to homes within the surrounding area, perching on every surface possible within the home. They land on your windows, kitchen utensils, clothes, furniture, walls, and in some cases directly on your skin. With the blood and bodily fluids on them, they carry these contaminants along with them and drop them on these surfaces. This puts your health at risk as a number of harmful pathogens will find their way to your home this way. Remember, some pathogens can survive on surfaces for several days. Also note that these bacteria and viruses are invisible. Being unaware of the contaminant on the various surfaces in the home, occupants get infected with a disease. The remedy to this is to keep your home clean and sanitize all the possible spots where a blowfly must have landed. Keep your trash can clean and ensure all dirt is properly disposed of. 

Cleaning an Area Following an Unattended Death

Unattended cleanup service possesses the required tools to clean a contaminated area as quickly as possible. Using the recommended cleaning agents and highly trained cleaners, these professionals perfect the cleaning job to prevent any form of contamination. Unless you want to spread the infectious disease to other areas, do not attempt to clean unattended death yourself