The She Shed Gives Women a Room of Their Own

The man cave is a space inside the home that serves as a retreat or sanctuary for men. In it, no woman is allowed. The man cave is designed to be where one or more male family members can do as they please without upsetting the other members of the household. It can be a game room, a media room, or a bar. The content of the man cave solely depends on the men in the house.

Now, women have their answer to the man cave, a space where they can do whatever they want. They can hang out with friends, have a spa day, or sit in solitude.

Introducing the She Shed

The “she shed” has, for years, been rising in popularity. It is a different way of using a garden shed. Instead of merely a storage for tools and other belongings that are no longer being used at home, the space is transformed into an additional room.

Women are decorating it to be more comfortable and look less useful. They are adding sofas, bookshelves, tables and chairs, and even chandeliers. The goal is to make it their own.

Many women claimed that having a she shed significantly improved their home life. Some said that having a space of their own to read, do yoga, and do other activities has been a blessing to their marriage. Their respective partners understood the need to be alone, which has made them happier.

People Need Alone Time

Being in a relationship should not mean that you lose opportunities to be alone. While having a companion is desired, sometimes, people need to spend time on their own and do something they like.

Women, in particular, are less likely to have leisure time than men, which has adverse effects on their mental health.

In a 2013 survey conducted by Pew Research Center, women have five hours less leisure time at home per week in households with no children. When there are kids under 18, women’s leisure time per week is reduced to 3 hours.

Leisure time is not a luxury. It is a necessity. When life is stressful, leisure time is usually the first to disappear. People spend every moment working or worrying about the situation. However, it is more crucial to have enough downtime when facing a stressful life event. It guarantees that people are physically and mentally prepared to cope with and survive whatever challenge life throws their way.

The lack of time for relaxation, personal interests or hobbies, and other activities may be one of the reasons why women are more stressed than men.

Being subjected frequently to high levels of stress puts people at risk of many physical and mental health conditions. They may experience sleep problems, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, and heart disease.

Both body and mind require rest to recover and re-energize. Without it, people will immediately experience burnout.

Moreover, during leisure time, people can express their creative energy and explore their passions. Being comfortable in your own company is part of personal growth and development. You get to focus on yourself, your needs, and your thoughts without fear of judgment or worrying about someone else’s interest.

In addition, being alone recharges people and prepares them for socialization. Previous studies have found that those who live alone tend to have richer social lives. When you are married and live with your spouse, it is not possible to live alone. Those moments of personal leisure time can give people the energy to be social.  

Building a Comfortable She Shed

The secret to having a comfortable she shed where you can be alone lies in the decor. Sheds do not often come with features that make them an ideal additional living space. While some look stylish and spacious, others need a little more work.

Because this is your own personal space, you can do whatever you want with it. You can paint the whole interior and exterior pink if you want to, but do not forget about the basics such as lighting, heating and cooling, and ventilation. If you want to, you can also connect your shed to the internet by using a Wi-Fi extender or a point-to-point system to boost the Wi-Fi signal.

Then, fill it with sofas, plush chairs, rugs, side tables, coffee tables, and plants.

A she shed is a women’s answer to the man cave. Sometimes, people need to be alone. Having a personal space where one can pursue their interests and hobbies without interruption is good for well-being.