Pros and cons of converting your garage into a living space

Garage conversions are the quickest and most affordable routes to adding floor space. Garage conversions in Los Angeles are quite popular as they allow individuals with small homes and children to create more living space in the house.

However, like any other home renovation project, garage conversions have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Before converting your garage, experts recommend understanding them and weighing your options to determine the best solution for your needs.

Here are some pros and cons of garage conversions in Los Angeles.


1. More living space

As mentioned earlier, garage conversions create functional spaces such as home offices, extra bedrooms, or living rooms. Having your garage converted can transform it from a dark, cold room to a well-lit, airy living space.

2. Increased home value

A garage conversion can add more value to your home as it adds extra square footage that a buyer can use for storage or transform into a living space. Additionally, many prospective buyers can pay more for a complete, high-quality garage conversion.

3. It costs less than adding on to your home

Garage conversions in Los Angeles cost far less than buying a new home or adding to your house for extra space. This is because you’re working with an existing structure, so you don’t have to worry about building new walls or pouring new foundations.


1. Can make your home hard to sell

Many homeowners look for homes with garages to park their cars and store their items. Therefore, having a permanently converted It can be a huge deal-breaker for potential buyers. If you plan to sell your home and move within the next few years, it’s wise to skip on your conversion.

2. It’s expensive and time-consuming

Its conversions aren’t cheap. From windows and heating to air conditioning, you’ll spend a significant amount of money to have your structure completed correctly. You should be financially prepared to cover the expenses of your project and find a contractor that can work with your budget. Ultimately, conversions in Los Angeles provide homeowners with numerous benefits.