Pool accessories you should invest in – A comprehensive guide

Owning a pool can bring a lot of joy, especially during the summer months. It’s even better if you reside in a warm climate where the pool can be enjoyed for most of the year. Instead of packing up the kids and heading to a community pool, having your own pool allows for convenience and relaxation. Whether you have a fibreglass or concrete pool, there are some basic equipment necessities such as a pump, heater, and filter. Installing a chemical feeder/purifier ensures consistently clean and clear water. However, there are numerous additional accessories you can invest in to enhance the functionality and appeal of your pool while prioritising safety. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various pool accessories available to help you make informed decisions.

1. Pool Colours: Choosing an attractive, stain-resistant colour finish can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your pool. Opt for a durable option that allows for easier repairs with its single-coat application.

2. Chlorinators: Salt-water pools have become increasingly popular among pool owners due to the excellent water quality they provide. Chlorinators convert salt into chlorine, but it’s essential to invest in a chlorine testing kit to maintain cleanliness. Chlorinators work well with both concrete and fibreglass pools.

3. Lighting: LED lights are commonly used to illuminate pools and their surroundings. Not only do they enhance safety, especially for families with children and pets, but they also create a pleasant ambience for evening or nighttime swims.

4. Pool Fencing: Fences add an element of safety and beauty to your pool area, particularly when young children are present. Consider factors such as fence height and material, and work with a reputable contractor to ensure the right fencing that maintains your desired views of the backyard.

5. Slides: Adding a slide to your pool can bring an extra dose of fun and excitement. Choose between fixed or freestanding slides based on your pool’s design, and consult with a contractor to determine the appropriate type and placement.

6. Pool Liners: Typically installed on concrete pools after the basic structure is complete, pool liners offer impenetrable protection by covering the walls and floor.

7. Skimmers: Skimmers are essential for keeping your pool free of leaves and debris. Depending on the pool’s size and type (in-ground or above-ground), you can opt for a surface skimmer or attach it to the pool pump. Manual skimming is also an option if an automated skimmer is too costly.

8. Pool Steps/Ladders: Convenient pool steps or ladders make getting in and out of the water a breeze while saving space. Ensure that the ladder has safety rails and is made of durable, high-impact materials.

9. Decking: Decking materials such as tiles, paving materials, brick, stone, or wood can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool area. Work with your contractor to customise the decking to complement your home. It’s crucial to select a non-slip surface, especially when wet.

10. Massage System: For a luxurious and therapeutic experience, consider installing massage jets in your pool. Hydro-jets can spice things up in a heated pool, and you can choose between wall-mounted or bench-style jets. Installing a separate area for a massage-jet system can facilitate therapy sessions, although it will increase energy consumption.

11. Shower: Installing a shower near your pool allows for convenient rinsing before and after swimming sessions. Consider water sources, drainage, and plumbing when deciding on an enclosed or open shower, as well as the availability of warm or cold water. Showers can be easily connected to the main pool water line for intake and outflow.

12. Temperature: Maintaining the correct water temperature in your pool, even in a warm climate, is crucial for comfort. A pool thermometer can help you monitor the water temperature accurately. Choose between digital and analogue thermometers, with floating thermometers being a popular option as they float on the water’s surface and provide temperature readings.

13. Pool Covers: Pool covers are useful in any climate. They limit the use of pool chemicals and prevent debris from entering the water, especially during winter months. Medium-weight covers are recommended for easy handling, and automatic covers offer added convenience. Solar pool covers are an alternative worth considering, as they can extend the swimming season. Your fibreglass pools sydney pool installer can help with the choice.

14. Pool Heaters: Pool heaters are essential for pools located in colder regions, allowing you to extend the swimming season. Options include solar, natural gas, or heat pump heaters. Consult with your contractor to determine the best heating system for your indoor or outdoor pool.

15. Alarm Systems: While pools offer plenty of fun, they can also pose risks, especially for small children and pets. Installing an alarm system around the pool area will provide alerts in case of any problems. Surface wave detectors or motion detectors are both effective options.

Why Investing in Pool Accessories is Beneficial

After going through this extensive list of pool accessories, it might seem overwhelming to own a pool. However, it’s important to remember that these accessories significantly enhance your pool experience, making it enjoyable and memorable for everyone. In addition to the essential accessories like pool pumps and filters, there are plenty of fun additions to consider. Pool floats, noodles, and patio furniture create a playful atmosphere, while towel warmers add comfort during cooler weather. Waterproof wireless speakers are fantastic accessories that can be connected to your phone to play your favourite music. Inflatable drink holders allow you to enjoy your favourite beverages without the need to constantly get in and out of the pool.

As a homeowner, it’s crucial to make well-informed decisions when it comes to your pool. Seek advice from other pool owners, research costs and maintenance requirements, and ask for references when considering pool installation companies. Gathering estimates from two or three companies will help you compare offerings before making a final decision. While owning a pool requires an initial investment and regular maintenance, it offers years of enjoyment for both children and adults. Make wise choices, and even if you decide to move in the future, you will reap the benefits of a well-designed pool.