5 Tips for Effective Hot Tub Water Care

Soaking in your hot tub is ideally comforting and relaxing. It eases your worries, and you can enjoy it by yourself or with your partner or friends. However, dirty or murky water can cause concerns and ruin the experience. Fortunately, there are simple hot tub water care tips you can apply to maintain water quality.

1. Clean The Hot Tub Filter

Cleaning your filter is an excellent tip for effective hot tub water care. You’ll be able to enhance the water quality and increase your tub longevity. You can clean it using the following approaches:

  • Weakly rinse:

This is a great technique that assures clean hot tub water and a clean filter. Apply the following steps when doing your weekly rinse:

  • Switch off the hot tub at the breaker
  • Remove your filter weir and turn it counterclockwise.
  • Use hose pipe water to rinse your filter. Regulate the pressure to avoid damaging the filter fabrics. 
  • Give time to dry
  • Switch back on the breaker.
  • Chemical rinses:

You can do a chemical rinse monthly by spraying the filter with the cleaner. Allow the filter to dry before switching it to the hot tub component.

  • Chemical soaking:

Soak your hot tub filter in cleaning elements after using it for three to four months.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning a Hot Tub Filter

The following cleaners can damage the filter or make the hot tub water unfit for use:

  • Using household cleaners: avoid using them because the filter media can absorb them, causing foaming problems.
  • Applying bleach: bleach harms filter media and damages its threads, rendering it ineffective in trapping debris in your hot tub.
  • Running the filter through the dishwasher will damage your filter’s fiber, and you’ll need to replace them regularly. Also, it’s not advisable to subject hot tub filters to aggressive water flow, making dishwashers unsuitable.

2. Use a Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover is an ideal way to care for your water. It protects the water from contamination from debris, dirt, and other flies. The body will shield your hot tub water from sunlight, reducing the possibility of algae in the water. Also, it helps keep the warmth inside your tub, lowering heating costs and relieving the pressure of regulating tub temperature.

3. Shower Before Soaking

Showering before soaking in the hot tub water will reduce the contaminants in the water. If you soak before showering, you might bring undesirable elements like body oils, hair oils, sweat, dead skin cells, etc. The impurities will accumulate over time, reducing the quality of your tub water.

4. Replace The Hot Tub Filter

Replacing your hot filter is an effective hot tub water care. So, if the filter’s fiber loosens, consider replacing the filters. A new filter will have higher trapping power for dirt and particles.

5. Test The Water

Testing your hot tub water is a great care and maintenance practice. You can test it using hot tub test stripes, digital tester, and water testing kits. Testing the water gives you information about your hot tub water’s properties and chemical levels. With such data, you can adjust to ensure the water chemistry is right and balanced.

The above hot tub water care tips are essential to help avoid murky water, debris, and chemical issues in your spa. Your hot tub water will feel fresh, inviting, and hygienic, improving your comfort levels.