Work-from-Home Diaries: Remodeling Your Home Office

It’s been a good year and a half since the coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a standstill. There were already people working from the comfort of their homes before the pandemic began. However, the same cannot be said for the many professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs displaced because of it.

Fortunately, many companies were quick to adapt and implement the work-from-home setup that allowed their employees to do their jobs without putting their health at risk. This way, they can still fulfill their roles and earn money while keeping a safe distance from their co-workers.

Of course, this took some getting used to, especially for those who weren’t used to being at home all day. The work-from-home setup has its ups and downs, but more people have grown accustomed to the setup over time. This urged many companies to retain the remote setup even after the lockdown restrictions had been lifted.

Most states have already reopened themselves to the public and are slowly returning to the pre-pandemic normal, albeit some still with masks on. Even universities have started to accommodate students into the campuses and have left behind their virtual classes for face-to-face instruction.

However, the work-from-home setup proved to be more beneficial to companies and their employees alike. Many still chose to retain the adapted mode of working than to go back to their offices. This is even more reason to have a dedicated workspace at home. Here are three benefits you can enjoy:

Keeps You Away from Distractions

When you’re in an environment that’s conducive to working, it’s much easier to become productive and efficient with accomplishing your tasks. This is because you don’t have anything to distract your focus from the task at hand. But it’s a different matter altogether when you’re working from home.

At home, you have to deal with family matters and responsibilities while you’re working. If you have a pet, that’s another source of distraction — or comfort, if you’re stressed with work. All these different distractions can take your focus away from your tasks and disrupt your workflow.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a dedicated workspace, preferably one with a closed door. This way, you can focus more on your tasks at hand without being distracted if someone’s cooking food or watching TV. You can also avoid having to deal with your kids when they’re fighting and whatnot.

Separates Your Work and Home Life

Because you’re spending all your time at home, save for quick errands on the weekend, the line between your work and home life becomes blurred. You can no longer distinguish where your job ends and where your home life begins, which means that you have to start setting boundaries for your own good.

A dedicated workspace can help you achieve that balance. For instance, you have a spare room at home that you can use as your home office. You can even buy a metal office desk and ergonomic chair that you can use as your workstation so that you can feel more comfortable. Plus, you can decorate it with elements that will inspire you to work more productively.

And after your work is done, you can leave the workspace as is. This will give you the chance to create boundaries around your job so that you don’t overwork yourself and burn out. Additionally, because you have a space that’s specifically dedicated to your work, you have to leave it when you need a break from your professional responsibilities.

Helps You Manage Your Time Better

Having a dedicated workspace at home can help you mimic the usual office setup. Just because you’re now working remotely instead of in an office doesn’t mean you should change your work style too. If you think that you’ll be more productive and efficient with such a setup, then, by all means, do it. 

With your comfy bed and television set in walking distance, the temptation to procrastinate will become much higher than if you were in an office. That means you’ll need to have much better control over your time and urges. Having a dedicated workspace at home will help you do that.

As mentioned earlier, the work-from-home setup will take some getting used to. You’ll have to adapt your usual work habits and behavior because your environment has changed. There will be many more distractions you have to fight against, and you may become your own worst enemy when it comes to time management. But that’s nothing that you can’t face. After all, you’re surviving amid a global pandemic.