Your Living Room Space Isn’t “Living” Up To Its Name

We love the living room space, and while it can get messy at times due to excessive fun and activities going out of hand, it’s the one place in every house where memories are made and experienced day in and day out. In fact, we’d probably guess that most people have turned their living rooms into the all-in-one functional area of their home meant for work, play, and even rest on the off chance of them passing out on the couch now and then.

However, one common design problem that most living rooms run into is the fact that it isn’t as “lively” as the name suggests, and when you take a step back and give it one good long look, you start to realize that it’s quite dull by many standards. And while there’s nothing wrong with keeping it that way, we should at least make an attempt to get more design points, which is why we’ve made a quick checklist of things that can help speed up the process.

#1 You’re In Desperate Need Of A Couch Upgrade

While your snuggly and comfortable bed does rank high in your heart, we can’t deny that the couch does make the bed run for its money when it comes to relaxation and accessibility. Plus, there’s just this certain magic to laying on the couch at just the perfect position with the warm fireplace keeping you cozy on a cold summer night. But with that said, using it after all these years might be the sign for an upgrade. 

  • The Upholstery’s Been Lost To Time: One dead giveaway that your couch has seen better days is when the upholstery is in very bad shape and just makes the furniture look tattered and ripped apart. What’s worse, the lumbar support might not even be there anymore, and it’s why you’ve been bending and stretching in every position possible to find a somewhat decent position. And if this is your current couch situation, there’s no better time to order a new one than now.
  • Doesn’t Suit Your Current Design Taste: If people can change, then so does our taste in design, and it’s just wrong to keep something that doesn’t really appear pleasant in your eyes around for so long. Especially when accounting for much older and classic-looking couches, they don’t fit the criteria for modern and minimalistic looks. As a result, if you don’t have any plans to change it sooner, then you’ll have to suffer from a clashing of colors and patterns.

#2 The Lighting’s Bad And You Know It

We strongly believe that living rooms should be the one room where you go all out in terms of lighting because you’ll be spending most of your day there, and keeping it too secluded just goes against its name entirely. So, if you know too well that you’ve been dealing with a vitamin D deficiency and bad lighting, now’s the chance to resolve this issue for good and welcome the light into your home once and for all. 

  • Clean (Or Replace) Your Windows: You’ll be surprised at how dirty windows can get, and if you’re the type to keep them open at certain times of the day, then you’re dealing with dust build-up coming from inside and out. Therefore, cleaning can go a long way in making your space feel a lot brighter and won’t even cost you a single dollar. However, if you don’t mind spending a bit, then replacing them and installing new ones works just as fine.
  • Bright Colors And Mirrors Go Together: For those that want to go down the renovation and remodeling route, an excellent way of improving the overall lighting is the introduction of bright colors and mirrors. Repainting your walls to a plain white or any pale pastel hue will definitely hit the mark in terms of lighting, and if matched with low-height furniture, the room will start to look even more angelic. Furthermore, mirrors help reflect the light and cover more ground, and you also get the chance to work on your mirror-selfie game to look just as good as Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

#3 Embrace A Bit Of Greenery

Last but not least, if you’ve checked both advice mentioned above from your list, then on last change we’d recommend is embracing a bit of greenery into your living room. It’s one of the best places to grow something that doesn’t take quite a lot of work because you’re sure to see it, and it gets sufficient sunlight. Plus, the natural greenery will complement any aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. 

  • Indoor Plants As Decorations: There is a myriad of indoor plants for the living room, and while it might seem like tough work looking through a catalog of choices, treat it like any other decoration. Just remember to double-check on stuff that might not bode well with your personal circumstances, like allergies. And for those that want something more functional, growing an herb garden by the window sill works just as fine.

These Ideas Are Just The Start So What Are You Waiting For?

Now, before you storm off and start making these quick fixes, remember that these ideas are just the bare minimum, so feel free to experiment as you go. At the end of the day, it’s your living room that you’re designing, so align your choices to fit your needs.