Choosing Tiles that Build a Sparkling Swimming Pool

As we all know that ancient Romans and Britishers had some severe luxury obsession whenever they wanted to relax with a dip. Imagine the mosaics and marble arches they used to implement in their pools. However, even they might also be in the habit of admiring the wide assortment’s elegance available for swimming pool tiles.

Seeing the current scenario, we have to admit that the options are countless, from glossy to matte and from iridescent to frosted. And, how can we forget styles like arabesque, ovals, subways, random bricks, circles, and many more? For a beginner in this, we would like to share two common types – ceramics and interior tiles. Mosaics made with ceramic are much more towards the traditional side as they stand the test of time and bond well with the surface. Whereas the glass pool tiles have recently gained popularity just because of their varied finishes. Their sparkle and decent shimmery effect bring life to the pool. 

Here’s something else you need to know about swimming pool tiles. Take a look

Dealing with the right size.

Glass pool tiles usually range from 20 mm to 50mm, while the ceramics range from 23mm in the square. Usually, architects recommend not using pool tiles that are less than 100mm size and preferably go with pool tiles that range from 20mm to 50mm. 

Color it vibrant! 

In general, we all have seen that hues of blue have been a popular choice. Tiles for the pool area are available in both dark and light tones. Yes, effectively in both glossy and ceramic material. While remodeling their pool area, many individuals choose to go with off-white or ivory white tiles to achieve a lighter tone of blue in the water. Some people may prefer to go with ocean blue, aqua, or charcoal gray in a full-fledged manner. 

Trying out the new shape.

Earlier, swimming pool tiles were traditionally available in square shape. However, plenty of new shapes have been introduced to the marketplace. The hexagonal and rectangular style has also gained immense popularity lately. One fact that remains the same about the pool tiles is that they are quite different from other area tiles. Typically, they are fired at a significant temperature level and have a lower water absorption rate. They are much easier to lay on the surface. 

Follow the latest trends.

The positively trending style is the mosaic blend, which contains at least three or more colors. Yes, they deliver a subtle look, and guess what? They were popular during the ancient Roman era as well. Though the trend nowadays is more about being on the minimalistic side, they never go out of style. 

Please keep it clean.

If you want the tiles around your pool area to stand the time test, then make sure to invest some time in research and finding the cleaners that are free from harsh chemicals and still preserve the inviting and sparkling appeal of the tiles. Finally, it is always a great idea to buy tiles prepared with environment-friendly practices and contribute to the environment around us. 

So are you ready to find gorgeous swimming pool tiles that align with your thoughts and preferences? Let us know what’s your call on it; we would love to read your comments.