Pellets: Everything You Need to Know

Solid fuel, which is often used to heat residential buildings, is very popular among people. In addition, solid fuel pellets are often used for heating an object of any purpose and size. What is the main advantage of granulated pellets? Why are they so often used in everyday life?

What Is It?

Everyone can not only buy wood pellets in a specialized store but also order wood pellets online – it’s much more convenient for people. In general, pellets are a type of fuel that is compressed to a cylindrical shape, it is compressed. What are pellets made from? In most cases, they are from agricultural waste, which includes wood. The granules may contain for the most part sawdust, wood chips, tree bark, softwood or hardwood slabs, peat, sunflower, and even corn and any husk.

Choosing High-Quality Pellets

These are the main points that you should rely on if you want to choose good pellets. First, it’s the size. Here, not only the dimensions of the pellets are taken into account, but also the presence of broken and crumbled parts. There should not be any dust in the package with wood fuel. The second is the surface. It should be smooth to the touch and shiny in the light. There should not be any roughness – if this is observed, then the product is of poor quality. Thirdly, it is hardness. Pellets must be not only hard but also dry. Otherwise, why do you need wet fuel?

Another important point is to check the quality of wooden pellets, i.e. breaking the fuel into parts for inspection so that nothing falls in the hands. If you throw pellets into the water and see that they immediately float up, then this is a poor-quality fuel. Pellets should sink as soon as they hit the water’s surface.

The Advantages of Pressed Product

Pellets have long been a great alternative to gas and other fuels that people used to use. The most important advantage is that heating with pellets is much cheaper than other options. Wood pellets: what are their special advantages?

  • environmentally friendly product: while the fuel burns, carbon dioxide is released in small volumes, as from any other fuel;
  • fire safety: pellets are not as highly flammable as other fuels;
  • the ease of storage of raw materials: a complete absence of smell and taking up little space;
  • maximum thermal conductivity: high heat content;
  • compressed (pressed) granules are much easier to transport;
  • homogeneous structure.

Buying pellets means maintaining a stable ecological background. Recycled waste is wood pellets, which means they will not harm the atmosphere or humans. It is believed that pellets are part of the CO₂ cycle in the environment, that is, they release exactly as much as the tree absorbed during growth. Pellets and their uses are a convenient and environmentally friendly solution for heating houses and other buildings. It is not surprising that more than half of the globe has already switched to such fuel.