How to correctly care for your windows and glass doors

Quality glass windows and doors are a substantial investment and need to be looked after to ensure they keep your family safe and don’t send your energy bills skyrocketing. Here’s what you need to know to keep your glass windows and doors working to their full potential and looking great for generations to come.

The maintenance involved will vary slightly depending on which glass windows and doors you have.

Timber windows and doors

To clean the timber frame around your glass panels, it’s best to use a soft, non-abrasive cloth. To do this simply wet the cloth in warm soapy water, wring out and wipe the frame down. Using another cloth that is wet with water only and wrung out, wipe off residue. To clean the tracks, wipe them down using a soft cloth and if they are getting a little stiff or aren’t running as smooth as they used to you can place a small amount of silicone-based grease on them. The same applies to the hinges. Make sure you do not use solvents on your frames.

Sliding windows and doors

If your glass windows and doors are sliding, they will need a little maintenance to keep them in optimal working order. You should clear the tracks of any dirt and debris to prevent the rollers from getting jammed, the easiest and most effective way to do this is by using a vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment on it. Using a damp cloth wipe over the track to pick up any fine particles of dust that the vacuum may have missed. Once this has dried completely, spray some good quality silicone-based lubricant on the track to ensure it runs smoothly. Check the locks and ensure that they don’t require force to open them, if they do you may have to adjust them, you can do this by using a Philips head screwdriver and turning the adjusting screw in a counter-clockwise direction.

Aluminium windows and doors

Aluminium windows and doors should be cleaned every 2-3 months and more so if they are exposed to harsh weather conditions to keep them looking their best and to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. The cleaning process is similar to that of the timber windows and doors. Harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning cloths should be avoided as they can damage and scratch the aluminium and glass. Check the drainage tracks regularly to make sure they are free of moisture and debris. You can clean them by wiping them with a soft cloth.

Awning or casement windows and doors

Open the sashes and vacuum the track using a crevice attachment to remove dirt and debris. Wipe the tracks with a soft cloth that is damp with soapy water to pick any residual dust or dirt. Ensure that the awning or casement windows and doors are cleaned every 6 months or more if needed. Use a silicone lubricating spray on moving parts if required. Oil-based lubricants are not recommended as dirt sticks to it and it can affect them from functioning properly.

Cleaning the glass

It’s important to maintain your glass windows and doors regularly to ensure they are working well and not exposed to preventative damage. Not only that but to keep them looking fantastic year-round after all, dirty windows don’t look very appealing. Generally speaking, you should wash your glass windows when you feel they need it, but maintenance wise they should be washed every 3 months, even if they don’t appear to be dirty.

In most cases, you can just use water to clean the glass with a soft cloth, if they are very dirty you can add a mild detergent to the water to wash them and then wipe down with a clean damp cloth. If its the external glass you can rinse off with a bucket of water rather than wiping it down to save time. Do not use abrasive scorers, scrapers, or harsh cleaning products on your glass. If contaminants are stuck on and you are finding it difficult to remove them, dab the area using a wet cloth and leave for around 5 minutes, continue until it is lifted. Ensure you wipe the glass with a dry cloth or paper towel to prevent the water from running onto the sill or floor.

Maintaining your glass window and doors hardware

The moving components in your glass windows and doors need to be maintained often to ensure they are functioning properly. Parts such as brackets, pivots and hangers should be sprayed sparingly with a corrosion inhibitor. Wipe off the old inhibitor before reapplying a new layer. 

Flyscreens and/or safety screens

The easiest way to remove dust and dirt from screens on the inside of the house is by vacuuming them thoroughly. To clean external screens, rinse with a hose using low pressure. Aim to do this every season, you may find you need to do this more often outside as dirt and cobwebs can accumulate quickly.

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way

Looking after your glass windows and doors ensures that they maintain their integrity and are going to last. If you have any questions about glass windows and doors, get in touch, our team here at True Blue Glass are specialist glaziers and are happy to help if they can, alternatively head to our website for further information.