Information you must know to ensure you choose the right locksmith!

For most of us, ensuring our home and belongings are safe and secure is a top priority and rather than waiting for an emergency to arise to find a locksmith it’s better to do a bit of research in advance. After all, they will be able to get into your house, car or business so it is important that the locksmith your hire is reputable and trustworthy. Here is some helpful information to help you choose the right one.

Ask questions

When looking for a locksmith, ring a few and ask them some questions. Are they friendly? Did they answer the questions well? Are they good listeners? Talking to the locksmith can give you an idea if they are good communicators or not. They should be happy to answer your questions and not be rushing you off the phone.

Make sure they are licenced

Locksmiths are trusted to gain entry into peoples homes and to take care of their safety and security measures. Because of this, they have to meet strict standards that are enforced by the Queensland Government. In most cases its law for locksmiths to carry a valid licence to perform locksmith work in Queensland. The eligibility criteria that a locksmith must meet before being granted a licence includes:

  1. They must be over 18.
  2. They must not pose any risk to the public.
  3. They must not have been convicted of an offence or plead guilty to an unrecorded offence.

Locksmiths must also undergo a criminal history check. If they are not licenced, this should be a red flag.

Check that they are insured

You must check if the locksmith is insured. This covers you if any damage is sustained whilst the locksmith is working on your home. While hiring an uninsured locksmith may be cheaper it can end up costing you more in repairs if they damage your property. Hiring an insured locksmith can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you will be compensated if there is a mishap. Licenced and insured locksmiths have to undergo vigorous training and are likely to do a high-quality job.

Hire a qualified locksmith that is highly experienced

It is best to hire someone who is qualified and is highly experienced in all areas of locksmithing rather than someone who specialises in only one area. This way you can rely on the one trusted professional without having to source numerous locksmiths for various jobs. Don’t be afraid to ask the locksmith how much experience they have.

Look at the companies reviews

If you don’t have a referral from a family member or friend, online reviews are the next best thing. Today, most people turn to the internet to leave feedback on a business whether its on their website, a review site or their social media page. It is a simple way to gain factual information on the locksmith and whether they are reliable and professional. If they don’t have any reviews on a review platform, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t good at what they do, but it’s a good idea to investigate it further by checking their website for customer feedback or asking them if they have any customer referrals you can look at.

Get a written quote

When hiring a locksmith ask them to email or send you a written copy of the quote. This should include a breakdown of costs such as labour, travel, products, equipment and tools. Ensure that it is a quote, not an estimate and that it is final and not subject to change. Having your quote in writing covers you if the company tries to add additional costs on at the end.

If they are readily available

Locksmith issues can arise anywhere and at any time, the locksmith you choose must provide their services 24/7. Being locked out of your home or car in the middle of the night can be highly stressful and potentially dangerous. For your safety and convenience it’s best to find a locksmith that is available around the clock.

Are they reputable?

Before you select a locksmith it’s important that you do a background check to see if they are who they say they are. They should have a physical business address, a website and a phone number. If they do not have all of these, ask them why this is. Be wary of scammers on the internet, they usually have similar descriptions and advertising to legitimate locksmiths although they normally offer very low prices. They take advantage of people who need a locksmith urgently and source the first locksmith they find. The scammers are not licenced, insured, or experienced, they will do substandard work and then vanish with your money.

Most people will need to hire a locksmith at one point or time. Ensuring your family, home, possessions and car are safe and protected is paramount, that is why you must take the time to find someone who is genuine and who you feel comfortable with. Here at Express Locksmith Gold Coast, we pride ourselves on our providing honest and reliable services that are completed to the highest standard by our highly skilled and qualified locksmiths. We cover all facets of locksmithing including domestic, car and commercial. If you have any questions or need a locksmith straight away, get in touch with our friendly team. We are available 24/7.