Landscaping Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

Benefits of Landscaping

  • Cleaner air and water: Plants are silent contributors to the environment and local community. Beautiful and strong, they can filter out pollution from water which ultimately ends up as your local source of drinking water. Trees and even grass all also absorb harmful substances in the atmosphere, like smoke particles and carbon dioxide.  
  • Improved quality of life: Did you know just looking at plants can reduce blood pressure? Walking through nature can improve attention and memory. And it has been reported that people living in neighbourhoods with shared green spaces lower stress levels. Tasteful landscaping design has physical and psychological benefits. 
  • High return on investment: Owning a home means you gain access to one of the most valuable assets you can have in your lifetime.  Home buyers are more likely to spend more on a house with a nicely kept exterior. Investing in your home through landscaping your yard, guarantees you a higher resale value when thinking about selling your home. 
  • Lower utility bills: Like choosing a thinner shirt to keep you cool in summer, planting different plants around your house can affect the temperature of your home. Grass is cooler than cement. Tall trees provide more shade, and as simple as these facts sound, it can make the largest difference to your United Illuminating utility bill. This means you can minimize the need for air-conditioning in your house during the hottest months. Wouldn’t you like to use these extra savings for a nice day out or holiday?  

Landscaping Tips to Help Improve Your Curb Appeal

Now you know about benefits – how can you start landscaping? Begonias or roses? Who will trim the hedges? Maximizing your curb appeal may seem like a daunting task due to the endless possibilities. Yes, transforming your yard will take time, commitment, and planning but most importantly it should be fun! Your house is an extension of yourself and every time you look at it, it should ultimately leave you feeling relaxed and simply… at home. These tips remind you that landscaping doesn’t always have to be difficult or expensive.

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  • Keep it in proportion: Use plants and repetition to complement the shape and size of your house. For example, if you have a tall and modern building, small shrubs or short flowers won’t do your home justice. Why not opt for a more glamorous look with tall exotic palms and lush midsize shrubs. 
  • Plant with the colour wheel: Consider the colour of your house to avoid clashes. Red brick will be brightened up with lively greens and deep blues. If you’re looking for a more relaxed vibe, just imagine a blue house surrounded by relaxing purple, pink, and white flowers. 
  • Consider the future homeowner: Making sure your garden is manageable is just as important as designing the most beautiful landscape. If you ever plan on selling your house, potential future homeowners may be intimidated by extravagant and high-maintenance greenery. Small to medium-sized shrubs, ferns, and daisies are all low-maintenance and clean perennials to consider. 
  • Design for all the seasons: The biggest enemy of fresh greenery full of life, is the cold and uninviting winter. To boost your curb appeal all year round, consider structural elements such as coniferous trees, hedges, and outside décor to make sure your landscape looks well-kept and inviting from spring to winter.


There’s just something about the smell of freshly cut grass, blooming flowers, and sunshine which can completely transform a well-kept garden into a paradise. Not only is a well-kept landscape appealing to your eye but it may catch the eye of a potential buyer.