Ideas For Choosing Ideal Bathroom Tiles

An essential decorative element of your house – the bathroom tiles are not chosen at random. Resistance, material, format, style – there are many factors to consider. So, here are some ideas and tips for covering your floors and walls with the ideal bathroom tiles!

There are several types of tiles available in the market. Let’s discuss the most favoured ones in detail to give you a better idea about each of them:

Porcelain Stoneware Bathroom Tile

It is the most used material in a shower. Very resistant, this tile at first intended for laying on the ground, but it is also perfectly suitable as a shower wall tile. For the floor, be sure to choose non-slip tiles. Porcelain stoneware is available in a wide choice of colors, looks and sizes. 

Incredibly resistant, this tile is more robust than many other shower tiles (e.g. earthenware). Plus, it allows many decorative possibilities – colored renderings, enamelled, concrete, or natural stone etc. Above all, these tiles are very easy to maintain and available in many formats.

Mosaic Bathroom Tile

Next, we have the mosaic – ideal for decoration lovers. Glass paste tiling installed with a nylon net support, the mosaic is a real decorative ally for bathroom shower tiles. It offers an infinite range of colors and graphics. In small touches or on larger areas, mosaic enhances the style of the bathroom and brings a truly original signature to the spaces.  

Some models even mix various materials. For the decoration of the shower, the mosaic is a real asset. It is ideal for making a walk-in shower tray due to its non-slip nature (thanks to the joints). But it is also perfectly suited to cladding walls. For beautiful shower tile designs, the excellent idea is to mix wall tiles and mosaic frieze. However, the mosaic is not as easy to maintain as porcelain stoneware or earthenware. 

Earthenware Bathroom Tiles

Traditionally the most common solution in bathrooms, earthenware is made from terracotta, clay. It is easy to maintain and install and also offers a wide range of choices in terms of styles and colors. The latest format and the aesthetics breaks the “old-fashioned” image of earthenware. This one is the cheapest offer for bathroom coverings. Unlike porcelain stoneware, you can only place earthenware on the walls. “Metro” type tiles, in white, black, grey or red, are particularly popular.

Natural stones 

Granite, marble, travertine – natural stones are very fashionable to dress a shower. They are particularly prized for their aesthetic appearance, their solidity and their colors. They succeed in creating a natural atmosphere; however, they require the assistance of a professional for the installation.  

Final Words 

The bathroom is no longer just a place where you go to wash yourself. It has now become a relaxation room in which design and decoration are as crucial as in the other rooms of the house. So, choose your shower tiles wisely using the above information. We suggest you to try Oasis tiles online store. They have different varieties of shower tiles available for sale at discounted prices. Go have a look.