A Variety of Options for Sliding Patio Doors in San Diego

For those living in San Diego, having a sliding door leading out to your patio or balcony is almost mandatory! The weather is beautiful pretty much year-round, and having a patio door in San Diego can help you make the most of the amazing climate when you’re at home. Whether you like to entertain outdoors, or you just want easy access to your patio or balcony for your own enjoyment, a sliding patio door is a great option.

Most people are familiar with two-panel sliding patio door that pretty much come standard in suburban San Diego homes, but you can also get three- and four-panel sliding patio door if you have a large wall that will accommodate them.

Pros and Cons of Two-, Three-, and Four-Panel Patio Doors

Two-panel sliding patio doors are by far the most common type of patio door found in San Diego homes. With this type of door, typically, one panel is operable and the other is fixed, meaning only one of them opens. However, you can usually pick which door will be the operable one. The same goes for three-panel doors—one door is operable (and the other two are fixed), but you can pick which one will open and close. 

With four-panel doors, the two center panels slide over the two outer panels, creating a nice, wide opening. Homeowners with a large wall space typically prefer four-panel sliding patio doors for this reason. However, sometimes a homeowner will opt for a three-panel door over a four-panel door if they want a cleaner look, since three-panel doors have one less post to obstruct your view of the outdoors. If you go with a patio door manufacturer that sells wide panels, you can get a three-panel door that would fill the same space as a typical four-panel door.

Replacing Your Old Aluminum Sliding Door with a Vinyl Sliding Patio Door

Older San Diego homes often have sliding patio doors with aluminum frames. These types of doors are not very energy efficient—meaning they let in warm air in the summer and cold air in the winter. This is because aluminum is a good conductor of heat. Vinyl, on the other hand, is a poor conductor of heat. It helps keep the temperature indoors more consistent and comfortable. 

In addition, today’s sliding patio doors come with two panes of glass, making them even more energy efficient. Michal Bohm, the owner of BM Windows in San Diego, had this to say about vinyl patio doors, “Patio doors have come a long way from those that were installed in San Diego homes in the last century. They are durable and energy-efficient. So many of our customers are surprised at the difference new patio doors make in their home—their homes are quieter and use less energy. They often tell us that if they had known how much new patio doors would improve their daily lives, they would have replaced their old doors years ago!”