Ways To Keep Your Fiberglass Pool Clean, Clear, And Beautiful

There are many different ways to take care of your fiberglass pools. They can be expensive, but they’re worth it because they last forever and don’t require any special chemicals or treatments to keep them sanitary and clear. In this blog post, we’ll talk about natural pool treatment techniques that will keep your pool clean, clear, and beautiful.

1. Pool Water Chemistry Maintenance

Maintaining your pool water chemistry is crucial to keeping the water clear and clean. It will also help prevent any algae buildup on the walls of the pool, which can cause a lot of trouble for you in terms of scrubbing off that green stuff. 

You need to have an understanding of what chemicals are going into your swimming pool so that you know how much chlorine or bromine is needed, as well as when it needs to be replaced with new chemical tablets. 

2. Regular Cleaning

Have a regular cleaning routine for the pool and stick to it. Remove leaves, grass cuttings, or anything that may fall in your fiberglass swimming pool from time to time. Make sure you have a leaf skimmer and vacuum with enough power if there are many trees around your pool location.

If you notice algae build up inside your fiberglass swimming pool, don’t be alarmed. It’s usually due to too much sunlight hitting the surface on hot summer days (sometimes just one day can make all the difference). In this case, do not add any products until you remove as much organic matter as possible through vacuuming and brushing.

3. Pool Inspection 

A pool inspection should be done annually to ensure that the filter, pump, and other parts are working properly. All pools need regular maintenance and a professional should do this work. A pool inspection is usually not included in an annual service contract but can be added for a nominal charge. 

4. Pool Water Level Maintenance

The water level in your fiberglass swimming pool is an important factor to prevent algae growth. If the water level drops, it can leave a long-lasting unsightly ring that will make you regret not checking on the levels sooner. 

To maintain proper levels and keep dirt from collecting at the bottom of pools without steps or ladders, use a skimmer with a vacuum head attachment to remove debris before it sinks into cracks where chemicals cannot reach them.

5. Use A Pool Cover

Your pool cover not only aids in keeping debris out of the water but also protects your filter and pumps from leaves and bugs. This is a huge help for the longevity of your fiberglass pool. You will need to get more specific instructions about how to use your particular kind of pool cover on their website or manual.

6. Only Use Quality Products Designed For A Fiberglass Pool

If you want to maintain a beautiful, crystal-clear fiberglass pool, then the most important thing is not what type of equipment or chemicals you use, but the quality of products you purchase. A lot of people think they are saving money by using cleaning solutions and chemicals designed for vinyl liners when in reality those products can damage their investment.

A good rule to follow: if it doesn’t say “For Fiberglass Pools” on the label then don’t buy it! And always be sure to check with an expert before buying any products so that you know exactly which solution will work best for your particular needs. 


Fiberglass pools are a great investment and they are low maintenance. If you want to keep your pool looking its best, give it the care that it needs through routine cleaning and performing regular treatments on it.